.     Congratulations to Lynda Hogue 2018 DNA Transportation                                            Professional of the Year


NASHVILLE, TN,  April 24, 2018

In response to our annual
TRANSPORTATION PROFESSIONAL OF THE YEAR, it is with great respect and admiration that we announce the 2018 Transportation Professional of the Year,
Ms. Lynda Hogue, Director of Distribution Carlex Glass America, LLC.
Ms. Hogue’s transportation life has included many varied positions within the transportation industry.  From that of Traffic Manager, to Purchasing Manager, to Logistics Manager to that of Director of Distribution which qualifies her beyond measure to be the recipient of this award.
In addition to having positioned herself as a professional confidant and trusted partner of Top Logistics Professionals with extensive knowledge in whatever capacity may be needed, she has also been a long time supportive member of
Delta Nu Alpha.  She is always current and up to date on industry trends, ensuing compliance to laws and regulations and is most generous of her knowledge to those that she is surrounded by. 
She has served in a much more important capacity than just top tier logistical management.  She has taken a more direct approach and been a mentor to many individuals, many who have gained advantageous positions because of the wisdom she has so freely given away over the many years of service to our industry.
Ms. Hogue is one of those individuals who has come to stand among the leaders of our industry.  People like Ms. Hogue have the strongest of wills, and a soul of compassion and understanding.  She promotes great attitudes and hard work with everyone with whom she comes in contact.  She has a love for people and a respect for life.   She is a fighter and one who is not going to be defeated, not professionally or personally, thus her unwavering support for so many people in efforts to enable them to succeed.  She has an allegiance to making the world a better environment. Needless to say Ms. Lynda Hogue is deserving of,  Delta Nu Alpha 2018 Transportation Professional of the Year.


2017 President's Award Recipient

Mr. George Wilson

2016 Presidents Award Recipient

Mr. Toby Kemp