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Officers and Board of Directors

Lynda Hogue -President  (lhoguedna@gmail.com)

Sue Spero - 1st Vice President  (sspero@carrierservtn.com)

Joe Fischer - 2nd Vice President (JoeAFischer@eaton.com)  

Gary Heinz - Treasurer  (garyheinz@biggexpress.com)

Matt Johnson - Assistant Secretary (matthew2.johnson@ge.com)

Jody Bailey - Director (jbailey@rrts.com)

Tamara Dannebacke - Director (tamara.dunnebacke@jhrose.com)

Jon Alibrio - Director (jon.alibrio@us.abb.com)

Chip Riley - Director (​criley@cornerstone-systems.com)

Jim Hall - National President (jhall@carrierservtn.com)

​Adam Mamula - Webmaster (adam.mamula@gmail.com)

 Contact Information

Delta Nu Alpha

Post Office Box 1702

Hendersonville, TN 37077

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Delta Nu Alpha offers scholarships to college students in the transportation industry! 

Honor a Transportation Professional for outstanding  service and commitment to the industry!

Fill out our online application today, and let Delta Nu Alpha start working for you!

Delta Nu Alpha​

​Nashville Chapter 135